PROBLEM Solving with BIG unstructured data:

  • Which disruptive innovations will lead your future Growth?

  • What are your clients’ unexpressed expectations?

  • What is the right price for your goods or services?

  • What is the value of an opening up of data within your organization?

  • What costs to cut to preserve your future growth?


      Size, skills and equipements of an hospital are depending on 3 items : demography, epidemiology and technology.

      Demography and epidemilogy are well controlled by health actors, while technology remained evaluated by expert so far. It is now quantified by La mètis with a new algorithm tested on the prostate cancer. GE Healthcare Performance Partners uses these results to better size the hospital of the future.

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      Transformation strategy for an IT division

      As part of a merger of several organizations, what matters is to gather people around a new idea.

      La mètis, acting on behalf of the company YTAE, identifies all the not-said things to remove obstacles and pull the right levers. The anonymous data came from listening groups, online surveys and free expression in plenary sessions.

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      Price strategy for a state agency

      State agencies seek greater economic performance in a context of constrained budget.

      In particular La mètis advise the French Services and Payment Agency to design transparent, fair and cost-effective prices.
      Our approach is to merge a large amount of variables available in the field, in business departments, operations and financial divisions.

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      Funding  for those requesting political asylum

      To reduce costs of public policy, it is tempting to focus on reducing human resources.

      For the welcome of those requesting political asylum, a data analysis conducted by La mètis has shown otherwise : reasoning with all the data available in the various state departments, the French Ministry of Interior has reduced the growth of the public expenditure of tens of millions of euros through the recruitment of dozens of agents.

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      Predictive analysis of customer behavior

      Bouygues Telecom has given to La mètis the analysis of technical data from its ADSL network.

      La mètis designed an algorithm that determines a score of technical difficulties to predict a possible early departure of clients. Using this algorithm, Bouygues Telecom improves the targeting of technical investigations and its commercial actions of customer retention.


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    Predicting the hospital of the future

    La mètis provides an algorithm learning the diffusion curves of medical scientific innovation published on the US Library of Medicine (PubMed).

    On prostate cancer, our results show a mega trend in precision medicine. Especially in low-risk prostate cancer, there is a challenge to avoid unnecessary and troublesome treatments trough active surveillance and focal therapies.

    With the support of ETALAB, the Prime Minister's department in charge of driving the opening of public data, the results are now available on the internet for the greatest number.


The company

La mètis is a French team of data scientists. We strongly believe that this new job is a unique combination of 4 skills:

1 - Business consulting
2 - Business research
3 - Mathematics
4 - Semantic web & data mining

La mètis takes part in R&D effort to upgrade methodologies and technologies of web crawling.

Our mission

La mètis aims to act as a trusted third-party (TTP). Looking at data without any a priori, we suggest game changers that help organizations to disrupt their market.

Our strategies show the business environment as it is, without any artifact. There are 100% data-driven and are powerful tool to mobilize people, both employees and clients.


La mètis

48 rue La Bruyère
75009 PARIS

Philippe Charlot
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